Gentle Cycle

Michael Stasis

Gentle Cycle



Gentle Cycle sees Michael Stasis focusing his normally post-post-modern genre-hopping with a more cohesive vision. Recorded in a stone room on the grounds of a church in Pennsylvania, he has unearthed an isolationist paranoia via his "free-wheeling" and more bizarre pop/rock motifs. Entirely self-recorded, the record employs heavy guitars, programmed drums and a recurring cast of trolls and/or cult members (all vocals courtesy of the artist). Themes include lost love, alcoholism, insomnia, magic and hackers.

What stands out most on Gentle Cycle is the artist's voice. Here, he has found a vehicle to express with confidence what Joseph Beuys calls, "the science of freedom." From start to finish, Gentle Cycle is never boring and openly invites the listener to engage in its dark universal themes in the most fun way possible.

1. Le Mat 0:36
2. Ruby Ring 4:11
3. Trolls In The Virus 3:57
4. Afraid Of The Dark 3:25
5. Missing The Faire 2:57
6. The Baby 4:28
7. JESUSOS 2:54
8. Gentle Cycle 3:03
9. Horus Online 2:09
10. Cape Howl 4:44
11. Zero The Stripper 0:56
12. Blue River 5:00