Magnificent Fist

Sean Nicholas Savage

Magnificent Fist



i wanted to have visuals for every song
and that the visuals left much to the imagination.
there is boredom and silence in them
and lucky me those videos are more fun to make
like the recording
i put out the happy takes, full of mistakes
you know,
it’s not improv
it’s moments, and moments become memorable cos of context, every moment is the same until something catches it, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
i went to glasgow in january,
rented a room with a rainy view from some friends
and got to work tryin to record fist.
i had some songs written from last summer,
since then i’d had a romance gone up in flames
then came back together over the holidays.
so i was pretty happy and excited about that.
i came back to berlin in february,
and kept recording through the winter,
much longer than i needed to, i was just toiling forever.
this is a fresh batch of songs ,
and i’m so pleased i was able to keep hold of the immaturity in them, of their freaky.
poetically they deal mostly with fascination,
bewilderment, you know, living in the slow motion moment, like stylized emotional splashes
some wetter than others.
k, i love these songs and videos,
i hope they make you smile or inspire you a bit.

1. Inner Natural World 3:55
2. Blow Me Away 3:35
3. Over The Night 3:17
4. Everything Baby Blue 3:32
5. Let Me Out 3:56
6. Maybe Chain 3:45
7. Fantasy 3:18
8. Music 4:51